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Master Coach Diploma 

Moving from being a PCC credentialed coach to an MCC credentialed coach is a significant milestone in a coach’s career.  The Optimus Diploma supports you to develop and strengthen your existing coaching skills, taking you to mastery level.

Learning what gets you to MCC level is a real-world practical experience.  Each coach is different and needs to find their own way of relating to the MCC competencies.  

In this course we look at what it means to be an MCC accredited coach, what sets you apart from a PCC level coach and what the MCC competencies mean.  There is a lot of opportunity for practice and reflection to hone and enhance your coaching, preparing you for MCC application.  

The course in detail:


Session one: After introductions and setting the group contract we look at what makes an ACC coach, a PCC coach and an MCC coach, spending time getting clarity on the differences between the levels of accreditation.

Session two: Competency one, Ethics:  We explore what coaching ethically as an MCC accredited coach looks like.  How do we understand personal integrity?

Session three: Competency two, Embodies a coaching mindset: Coaches are often described as lifelong learners and in this session we will look at how we can ensure we build our reflective practice and make our learning meaningful.  We will consider different approaches and how we can regulate ourselves effectively in the best service of our clients.

Session four: Competency three, Establishes and maintains agreements: In this session we will reflect on how to accurately enable the client to establish their goal of the session.  Clarity and hearing what the client is saying are key here.

Session five: Competency four, Cultivates Trust and Safety:  Here we start to explore partnering with the client and how we can build a supportive relationship that enables the client to have the successful session that they have outlined at the start of the session.

Session six: Competency five, Maintains Presence: How do we get curious with the client, without asking generic coaching questions or using jargon?  In this session we look at making coaching questions our own, enabling the client to feel truly heard and responded to.

Session seven: Competency six, Listens Actively: A skilful MCC coach listens on different levels and recognises points of incongruence.  In this session we talk about what active listening really looks like, and what doesn’t make for an effective listener.

Session eight: Competency seven, Evokes Awareness: In this session we will talk about challenge and how this can be used with clients to evoke awareness.  How do we share freely and without attachment?

Session nine: Competency eight. Facilitates Client Growth: A successful session is one that ends with the client feeling clear on what they are going to take forward, in whichever way works for them.  Additionally, coaching at MCC level ensures that the session is ended appropriately, the client being partnered with at every step of the way.

Session ten: Group Mentoring at MCC level: In this session we explore how to run mentoring groups, including considering group dynamics and the responsibilities of the group leader.

Session eleven: Individual Mentoring at MCC level: Supporting candidates to get through the MCC credentialing process is a responsibility.  Here we review what your obligations as the mentor coach are, how to ensure that your mentees turn up prepared and how to give constructive feedback.

Session twelve: Ethics beyond the competencies: Now we are working at an enhanced level we go deeper into what it means to be an ethical coach, reflecting on our ethical responsibility and our ethical maturity.  We will also consider ethical dilemmas.

Sessions thirteen, fourteen: Practical work.  Here we will look at pre-recorded sessions, and/ or sessions that students bring, and practice our assessment skills on these.  We will debrief on what works well, what doesn’t work well and what an MCC standard looks like.  We will identify the competencies in action and review how they can be met differently depending on how we individually approach them.

Session fifteen Next Steps and Review: This is our opportunity to celebrate how far we have come, look at our new in depth knowledge of the MCC competencies and plan for the future.  

Throughout the sessions we will also examine what not to do in the competencies.  What contra indications mean that a passing score in each competency would not be met?


 As part of your MCC application process you are required to have had ten hours of mentoring from an MCC credentialed coach.  The course includes 3 individual mentoring sessions and 7 group mentoring sessions with mentor coaches who are experienced and credentialled MCC coaches.

Recorded Sessions

As part of your continuing practice we encourage you to record and review as many of your coaching sessions as you can.  Listening to and reflecting on your coaching is one of the best ways to learn and develop.  We will give you feedback on 3 of your sessions that you submit to us for assessment.  We also suggest that you bring some of your sessions to the practical sessions where you can review these in depth with the trainers and your peers.

MCC Applications

Whilst we commit to getting you as prepared as possible for your MCC credential application we cannot guarantee that your application will be successful.  Each application is reviewed by individual MCC ICF assessors, and as such, there will always be a degree of subjective interpretation of the competencies.  Ruth Kudzi, our course director and the person who is leading the course has a 100% success rate supporting people to get to MCC. 


12th September 10am-2pm 
3rd October 10am-2pm 
17th October 10am-2pm
7th November 10am-2pm
21st November 10am-2pm
5th December 9.00am-1pm ** note earlier start
19th December 10am-2pm 
9th January 10am-2pm
23rd January 10am-2pm
13th February 10am-2pm 
6th March 10am-2pm
27th March 10am-2pm 
24th April 10am-2pm
8th May 10am-2pm 
22nd  May 10am-2pm 

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