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Ready to become an ICF accredited coach?

Enrolling for September 2022 Now

The ONLY qualification (ACTP) that gives you a direct ICF accreditation, without having to do more mentoring or training on top (and the added investment that comes with it) Got any questions? Book a call HERE

Coaching Diploma

The ONLY qualification (ACTP) that offers a direct route to ICF accreditation with no additional mentoring or training required on top, which means no added investments! Our cost covers it all, giving you peace of mind and total confidence in the skills you gain.

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Other Coach
Training Courses;

Are you looking to develop your coaching skills and techniques? Looking to perform more effectively as a leader? Check out our diverse range of coach training courses below.
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Coaching Skills Certification

 Do you want to see if coaching is something your want to pursue longer term? If you're looking to update your existing skills or develop a robust knowledge of what coaching is and see if it is for you, this course is for you.

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If you are an aspiring coach looking for robust, well-structured training that is fully ICF-accredited (ACTP), then look no further!

  • You’ll discover a variety of approaches in our Diploma including:

    • GROW and normative approaches
    • Somatic coaching
    • Neuroscience
    • Positive psychology
    • Transactional analysis
    • Emotional intelligence
    • DISC

    This combination of evidence-based, whole-person approaches lets you develop your own unique style of coaching.

  • Our coach training is fully accredited to a Professional level by the ICF (ACTP) and includes 10 hours of mentoring support. so you have a direct certification route to ACC and PCC pathways.

  • We also support you to develop your coaching business alongside your coaching skills – with support from a start-up specialist; an online business program to go from getting your first client to growing your practice; and access to our coaching membership for the duration of your course, as well as workshops looking at different specialisms.

Our Accreditations

Accredited Certificate In Coach Training - Logo

At Optimus We Commit To The Following Values:

  • Quality

    Optimus means ‘best’ in Latin. We aim to deliver the best training experience possible to our clients. We value our clients and are dedicated to making your time with Optimus a worthwhile and positive experience by continuously improving on what we do.

  • Learning & Growth

    These are at the core of our business and impact all that we do: we see ourselves as always evolving and our team are committed to growth. We demonstrate this mindset with our clients and are always open to feedback on how we can make things better.

  • Collaboration & Communication

    We believe that by working together we can be more effective, and by communicating with honesty and transparency we get things done and build strong relationships internally and externally with others..

  • Resilience & Courage

    We believe in building emotional resilience and being courageous to make bold decisions whilst supporting others to do the same.

  • Equality & Inclusion

    This is at the core of our business. We think everyone deserves a seat at the table and foster an inclusive environment within our organisation and our programmes.

  • Transparency

    We are open about how we operate and what we do, we own our learning and simplify things wherever possible. We are honest about who we are and what we do.

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What Our Graduates Have To Say

(Live discussion with Chris Roberts)
(Live discussion with Ngozi Weller)
(Live discussion with Amber Doughty)

"It's everything that I thought it would be and probably, even more. I love the flexibility around it and I've met some amazing people."
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Rebecca Daniel 
FCCT, ICF ACC Coach, The Jigsaw Company

"If you're looking for something that's not going to just only help your clients, but help you as well, I would definitely sign up for it."
Testimonial Headshots - OCA WEBSITE-2

Nonie Leonard 
Vision Board Life Coach and founder of the Highly Favoured Woman Community

"I’m honestly shocked by how useful this training has been. I really didn't think I needed it, but I’ve totally changed my mind on that now. "
Mike Cole Headshot
Mike Cole 
Group & 1:1 Programmes Coach
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Download our course brochure for a further breakdown and overview of our best in class, accredited (ICF, AC) training programmes