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The Coaching Bundle

New to coaching?

Want to show up and serve your clients with absolute confidence? Look no further.


Who's the coaching bundle for?

If you’re brand new to coaching (or exploring whether it’s what you want to do)…

If you’re looking to leave your 9-5 and start a new career or business, that totally fulfils you and positively impacts people’s lives…

If you’re a business owner and want to add high-value coaching to what you already do, or pivot entirely into a new way to serve others

What's INSIDE your Coaching Bundle?

Everything you need, to create POWERFUL-EXPERIENCES for your clients with rock-solid confidence as a coach!

  • Ask

    Powerful, insightful coaching questions.

  • Structure

    Coaching sessions for maximum client results

  • Become

    A great listener and tap into your intuition.

  • Build

    Coaching presence and connection with clients.

  • Develop

    Your coaching mindset and habits for success.


Bundle Breakdown



How this bundle can enhance your practice as a coach and introduce you to some key coaching concept

Module 1

Your coaching mindset – coaching mindset is a new ICF competency. This helps you to get in the right state to coach and consider how you prepare

Module 2

Coaching presence and energetic connection helps you to dance in the moment with your client and connect to what they want and need

Module 3

Listening and intuition focuses on strengthening your skills so you are focused on what is and isn't said, tapping into your intuition with your clients

Module 4

Ask great coaching questions – we know great questions help our clients have deeper insights. We encourage you to consider how you can develop powerful questioning skills

Module 5

Structuring coaching sessions: having a simple structure helps you to frame the session for your client we talk about how the starts and ends of sessions can be more impactful

Each module has a short video and PDF

This bundle is for you! Get your coaching bundle below:

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I get access to the coaching bundle for?

Forever! You’ll get instant access to all the resources and they’re yours to keep forever.

What's included?

A collection of resources, to deliver powerful experiences for your clients with absolute confidence.

Will the bundle work for me?

Yes! Created by Ruth Kudzi – an MCC level coach with the ICF (one of less than 65 in the UK at this level!) with over 10,000 coaching experience – everything inside this bundle has been designed to be simple but incredibly powerful for you to use.

How do I access the resources?

As soon as you checkout, you’ll get access to the bundle and be able to access all of the resources anywhere, any time from your phone, tablet or laptop.