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Professional Coach Diploma UPGRADE

This is for you if you:

- Have completed at least 70 hours of coach specific training at Level 1 or ACSTCH inside or outside of Optimus (if outside of Optimus we will need to look at the curriculum to confirm this is suitable for you. 

Have you completed an ICF Level 1 or ACSTCH course or part completed an ACTP / Level 2 and want to obtain the full Level 2 qualification with a highly regarded school?
Our Upgrade course is designed to get you up to Professional standard with the ICF with robust evidence based training with its roots in Neuroscience and Psychology alongside mentoring, feedback and support to become a more competent and confident coach.


*10 hours of mentoring with a PCC or MCC coach 

* Feedback on at least 5 coaching sessions

* 14 sessions of live teaching modules include: Neuroscience, Psychodynamics, Positive Psychology, Somatic Approaches and Normative models 

* Full alumni experience access and support 



What You Will Learn


This Diploma helps you upgrade your existing coaching skills


You’ll gain insights into the processes involved in behavioural change and the dynamics of coaching relationships.


The training is delivered in workshop-style group sessions, so you can practice skills and techniques in a safe and supportive environment with some online resources 


Level 2 Upgrade includes: 

  • Module 1 - Introduction to Coaching and ethical practice
  • Module 2 - Alternative coaching models 
  • Module 3 - Coaching for Emotional Intelligence 
  • Module 4 - Client context and Positive Psychology 
  • Module 5 - Somatic approaches to coaching 
  • Module 6 - Positive Psychology + Coaching 
  • Module 7 - Psychodynamic approaches + traums
  • Module 8 - Neuroscience 
  • Module 9 - Next steps

These modules have a strong evidence base - using principles from Neuroscience and Positive Psychology - and are specifically designed to help you develop your own coaching style, within the ICF framework.   

Email hello@optimuscoachacdemy.com to discuss dates 

How much?

Pay in full at £3500 + VAT or 6 x £600 + VAT 

Looking for more information?

Want to find out more, book a call to have a conversation about the program. 

This course is taught in accordance with the ICF ACC competencies and accredited at Level 1 with the ICF. 

What You Get

  • Weekly 3 hour group sessions online over 4 months

  • Study anywhere : all taught via zoom

  • 65 hours of coach training including 42 hours of live sessions, self study and mentoring 

  • 10 hours of mentoring; 7 group and 3 individual with an ICF PCC or MCC coach 

  • Peer partners and support to find probono and paid coaching clients 

  • Access to a private Facebook community for support

  • Monthly business mentoring and marketing Q&A if you want to start or grow your own business

  • Ongoing Alumni support when you graduate 

Some Of The Benefits For You:

  • Understand the dynamics of coaching relationships

  • Increase your range of coaching tools and techniques and know when and how to use them

  • Understand the psychological processes involved in behavioural change and how coaching can support this

  • Build mastery and confidence in coaching by deepening your understanding of yourself and others

  • Experience coaching mentoring to develop your coaching style


Hear Our Graduates Answer Questions You Might Have…

What would you say to someone that is considering training as a coach?

How would you describe your experience training with Optimus?

Looking for more information?

                                        If you’d like to have a chat about this course

What have you enjoyed the most about training as a coach with Optimus?

What has been the financial impact of training with Optimus?

How would you describe the level of support you have had with Optimus?

What are your thoughts about the Business aspects of the course?

Information about our Level 2 Upgrade

The Diploma is fully online, with all sessions live on Zoom (and recorded so you can watch back).  The classes are interactive and most include the opportunity to practice coaching or observe sessions, to help you develop your own coaching style with the ICF framework. All classes are in English. 

You will also have some recorded sessions on your learning portal.

Looking for more information?

Want to find out more, book a call to have a conversation about the program. 

This course is taught in accordance with the ICF ACC competencies and accredited at Level 1 with the ICF.