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Participation Policy

Success in our program requires full commitment by all participants. By enrolling in this course, participants agree to being fully present during all sessions and participate to the best of their ability. This includes arriving on time, abiding by the code of conduct, and engaging in course activities.


In order to provide you with the minimum required training hours for certification, it is important that you are present at all course meeting. If you have an emergency or become ill and are not able to attend a coaching session, please contact training@optimuscoachacademy.com immediately. You will be expected to complete the session materials, review the session recording, and complete a coaching session outside the live session to make up for the missed session. 

If you need to miss more than 16 hours of the course, you will have the option to catch up on the sessions missed on a future course. If you miss more any group mentor coaching sessions you will need to arrange with training@optimuscoachacademy.com to move to an additional session so you meet the 7 group session requirement, you need to complete all 3 hours of individual mentor coaching in addition to these which you book directly with your assigned mentor coach. 

Course Engagement

Our courses are designed to be interactive and engaging for our participants. It is therefore an expectation that you participate in course activities, including dialogue with the course instructor and peers, mock coaching activities, and experiential learning exercises. If you are unable to participate in an activity, please inform your instructor as soon as possible. Please refer to the code of conduct for additional details.

Code of Conduct

Participants are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner during all sessions. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Arriving on time to all sessions.
  • Attending all live sessions and mentor coaching sessions.
  • Participating fully in all sessions and mentor coaching sessions. This includes being prepared for the session, involving yourself in discussions and activities, assuming responsibility for your learning, and contributing to the learning of others.
  • Engaging in discussions with integrity and honesty.
  • Being respectful of your fellow participants and instructors, including silencing your cell phone, not texting, and other disruptive behaviors.
  • Embracing diversity and inclusion while respecting the dignity and humanity of others.

Looking for more information?

Download our course brochure for a further breakdown and overview of our best in class, accredited (ICF, AC) training programmes