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Set the foundations for your future in coaching

Build core coaching skills and master proven approaches for coaching success!  

Ready to develop your coaching knowledge? 

Our Coaching Fundamentals course is a great introduction to coaching giving you the foundations to build your coaching skills and knowledge.

This is for you if you are new to coaching and want to build a better understanding of what it is, develop your own self-coaching tools and coaching mindset and use a coaching approach in your conversations.

We recommend if you do this course and want to become a coach you then go onto one of our diploma programs (which this course is discounted against) 


7 Benefits Of Joining The Course:

  1. A range of approaches with actual scientific evidence behind them – so you can understand how they work 

  2. An array  of coaching skills that you can use to develop a coaching approach 

  3. Opportunities to practise what you learn, and get real feedback from coaches, including our ICF-accredited trainers

  4. Access to our trainers and an online community, where you seek support, get your questions answered and troubleshoot any issues that crop up in your coaching

  5. LIFE-TIME access to this course, allowing you to complete it in your own time and review the material as often as you wish

  6. Workbooks for every module, to help you review and reflect on what you’ve learned

  7.  Monthly group calls so you can connect with other coaches and get all of your questions answered 

As a new coach this is a great foundation for you 

What You'll Study:

We find these approaches are extremely popular with our diploma students, so we thought you’d enjoy a taste of them. Plus, we know these approaches are supported by evidence. We ONLY teach what works! 

Module 1 -What Coaching Is


Understanding and building coaching skills. Overview of coaching, ethical considerations, consent and confidentiality

Module 2 -Structuring coaching sessions using GROW

Learn how to structure coaching sessions using GROW. Discover what GROW is and how to create the most impact for your clients

Module 3 -Developing your coaching skills


Develop key coaching skills in this module. We’ll focus on active listening, powerful questions, your coaching presence and energy.

Module 4 -Using Positive Psychology as a coach

Use Positive Psychology as a coach. Figure out how to determine a client's values, needs and strengths using positive psychology models.

Module 5 -Positive Psychology 2


Understanding the power of positive emotion, coaching for wellbeing 

Module 6 –The Neuroscience behind behavioural change

Discover the Neuroscience behind behavioural change. Learn how we can change habits and embed new neural pathways

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Think you’d like to become an accredited coach to open more doors in your coaching career?

If you aren’t quite ready yet, this course is an ideal stepping stone. It gives you a taste of training with Optimus, and if you decide to complete the diploma later… you’ll get the price of THIS course OFF the diploma. It’ll be like you’ve done this course for free.

Why study with Optimus? Here’s what others say about working with us (these are from our diploma students)

"If you want to become an accredited coach and considering joining Ruth’s course, then I’d say go for it! If you are someone who takes their time to make decisions like me, and would like to talk to someone who has just completed the course and paperwork, then get in touch.”

Donna Edwards
Life and Connection Coach
“Over the coming years there’s going to be a shift in the Coaching landscape, that being, it will become the norm & expected that if you operate as a coach you must be qualified & accredited, to be taken seriously & to be able to build a sustainable coaching practice. My advice to anyone thinking about whether to do this training is, don’t think it, just do it!  Your investment will be returned back to you many times over, in so many ways. You will absolutely love what you will discover!”
Martin Miller
The Life Strategist

Questions and Answers

Do I need to finish this course within a certain time frame?

No, you can do this in your time and at your own pace. Whether you finish the course in 3 months or 3 years, it’s completely up to you.

When you complete you drop us an email and we issue you with a certificate. 

How many group coaching sessions do I get?

You’ll get monthly sessions where you can ask questions and get feedback as well as practicing coaching skills. 

How is the course delivered?

The course is delivered on an online platform through a series of videos. All you need are your login details and you can access the full course immediately.

What can I get from the Facebook group?

The Facebook group lets you interact with your peers. You can pose your questions here and explore some of the teachings. Having a community helps your development and can encourage you to consider things from new perspectives.

Looking for more information?

Download our course brochure for a further breakdown and overview of our best in class, accredited (ICF, AC) training programmes