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         Professional  Diploma  ICF Accredited - Level 2

Are you ready to take your first steps to becoming a Professionally qualified, ICF accredited coach?

Enrolling now Feb 2023

Our Level 2 ICF accredited course is wide-ranging, bringing in theories from Neuroscience, Positive Psychology and Psychodynamic approaches as well as normative coaching methodologies. It is designed for you to build your own coaching style and approach. We believe in equality and diversity so run a number of workshops to help inform your practice and integrate learning throughout the course.

Enrolling for February 2023


The Professional Coach Diploma is a Level 2 ICF  qualification. The ICF Level 2 qualification is the ONLY qualification that gives allows you to apply for ICF accreditation at both an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) level AND a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) Ievel without having to do more mentoring or training on top (and the added investment that comes with it)

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Alongside training you to become a brilliant coach, we also support you to build your coaching business or use your coaching skills at work and to deliver pro-bono coaching, so you can build your experience and your confidence.

If you want to feel totally supported to become an excellent coach, qualified to professional level (ICF PCC) AND build your coaching business, look no further!

Professional Coach Diploma Breakdown -Level 2

Module 1 - Introduction to coaching: Coaching mindset, presence, core skills and ethics

Module 2 - The GROW model and beyond normative coaching models and the power of integration

Module 3 -  Needs, Values, Beliefs and Strengths : integrating a positive psychology approach

Module 4 - DISC personality profiling, helping you communicate more effectively with clients

Module 5 - Psychodynamic & Psychoanalytical approaches to coaching including transactional analysis 

Module 6 - Somatic coaching

Module 7 - Positive Psychology and how to integrate models and theories into coaching

Module 8 - Neuroscience: the power of our thoughts and neuroplasticity 

Module 9 - Your Coaching Approach: beyond the course and embedding reflective practice


All 9 modules come with their own student workbooks, and are recorded if you can't make them live. You need to attend 80% Live to get your diploma, everything is delivered virtually via zoom.

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Book A Call With Our Course Director and Founder Ruth Kudzi, MCC

New To Coaching? Listen to recent graduates who were in your position and hear their experiences first hand 

" There is a huge amount of support from the teachers on the course and really great support in the sessions... And then you've got this bespoke service from your mentor where you can really get into some detail on your own journey in coaching.   And then the unexpected big element for me is about finding this community of peers who are going through the same journey with different approaches, a real diversity of professions and expertise and ages and so on"                                                                                                    Tess Nixon Speller - Coach & Fundraising Consultant
"It’s opened my eyes actually to all different types of coaching and that was part of the reason why I chose to go on the Optimus course. When you do it in a corporate environment, typically, you come across Grow and some of the other more basic, more transactional type models, whereas having the opportunity to learn about things like positive psychology and neuroscience and transactional analysis and how that all links into how you can approach stuff as a coach has made a huge difference."                      Chris Roberts - Leadership and Team Coach

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Pay in full at £5500 + VAT or 12 x £500 + VAT this is £6600 inc VAT or 12 x £600 inc VAT 

If you're not in the UK please email hello@optimuscoachacademy.com to sign up

Existing Coach ? Discover the impact the training has had on other full time coaches and how it has benefitted them.

"The financial impact has been quite significant actually. I am charging way more than I would have been comfortable doing before. I've well and truly more than earned back the cost of the course. So the ROI for me is well worth it. I think as well from a credibility perspective, I am able to work with organisations in a different way and at a different level "                                                         Ruth Wood - Executive and Leadership Coach  
"It's an outlay, but I've always been that person who loves learning. You'll make back the money with how much you can charge because you're actually somebody who knows what they’re talking about. You're coming from experience as opposed to just making it up as you go along....I met so many different people who I'm still in touch with some of them and then the fact that you've got the alumni. Phyllis Woodfine -  Resilience, Mindset and Business Coach

Got Any Questions?

Book A Call With Our Founder and Course Director Ruth Kudzi, MCC 

More About Our Diploma

Our Level 2 professional coaching diploma includes 125 hours of study and combines:

Small cohort groups  (maximum 20) so you can build strong relationships and a network of other coaches from a diverse range of backgrounds

What We Do:

  • Each week we meet on zoom for our sessions which are all recorded, so you always have access to look back on the training.

  • You are assessed with a live coaching session at the end of the diploma. Throughout the course, you’ll also get formal feedback on 4 x additional sessions and tutor-led feedback on at least 4 occasions.

  • You have the chance to coach and be coached in the majority of sessions and observe different coaching styles, so you can develop your own approach.

  • The group sessions are supplemented by 10 mentoring hours, where you work with an ICF (International Coaching Federation) coach of a PCC rating or above, focused on your development as a coach.

  • We believe in supporting you and working with each student as an individual, helping you track your progress to achieve your diploma working alongside our coach training manager.


What We Don't Do:

  • We don’t make promises of 6 or 7 figures from doing the qualification. But we DO teach you about the financial aspect and help you build a thriving coaching business that plays to your strengths.

  • We won’t let you feel like a number. Every student is important to us and we have put significant support and resources into place, so you feel taken care throughout your diploma.

  • We don’t give you nice feedback for the sake of it! We have high and rigorous standards and although we are supportive, we also help you to step out of your comfort zone to become the best coach you can be.

  • We don’t say you have to wait until you are qualified to start charging clients. We work with you on an individual basis – based on your experience – and encourage you to start charging as soon as you are ready.

  • We don’t cut corners. The investment is higher than some of our competitors because we give each student 10 mentoring hours (worth £750), as well as providing you with high quality training in small groups + business mentoring and coaching and certifying you at a PROFESSIONAL level 

New To Coaching? Listen to recent graduates who were in your position and hear their experiences first hand

"The reason I chose Optimus was really because it is very practical. You get a lot of experience on the course, as opposed to some other courses. which are very much more theoretical and I didn't feel would give me a lot of experience, especially as I was a new coach and I really wanted to immerse myself in the whole experience" Chloe Hilliard                                        
" I wanted to understand coaching and different aspects of coaching beyond what I was organically doing.... So before, I would coach intuitively with the tools that I had at that time. The fact that my tool box has been increased with all of these really powerful modules means I am coaching even better.                                                         Lex Showunmi 

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Pay in full at £5500 + VAT or 12 x £500 + VAT

Existing Coach ? Discover the impact the training has had on other full time coaches and how it has benefitted them. 

" I previously trained as a professional coach ten years ago under my NLP Practitioner and then when I was looking to sort of grow out beyond and develop myself into my own business, as opposed to just working for other people, I wanted to make sure that I had the right qualifications to stand out. I started following Ruth, seeing more and more about Optimus and wanting to get certified as ICF accredited. "                                                                                          Michelle Parsons - Performance Coach
The one thing that I can say that Optimus has done extremely well, and there are many, but the one that comes to mind is the mentoring piece that is provided... We have an intimate one on one time with a mentor to sort of go through different and allows us to ask questions and to really be coached by somebody else through the whole process. And then we had the group mentoring which was also a nice little added feature."                                                   Darren Micallef -  Leadership Coach 

Got Any Questions?

Book A Call With Our Founder and Course Director Ruth Kudzi, MCC

                                Download Our Diploma Brochure 

                                          For further information on our Diplomas and accredited training programmes

Why choose us?

  • You have 112 hours of live teaching over 7 months which gives you insight into different methods and approaches so you can coach to a professional level (The total qualification hours are 112 + 50 hours of coaching in your own time)

  • 10 hours of mentoring (group and individual) to help you build your coaching skills and reflect on your progress (we integrate your group mentoring into the sessions)

  • A private Facebook community where you can ask any questions and get non judgmental support for your coaching and your business

  • Group business sessions to help you build your business and get clients as well as be a great coach (plus access to an online business program)

  • Evidence based approaches which have strong roots in Psychology & Neuroscience with varied schools of thoughts so you can develop your own unique approach 


Existing Coach ? Discover the impact the training has had on other full time coaches and how it has benefitted them. 

"I think the key thing about Optimus is that everybody genuinely cares. You are not a number and I know lots of people say that, but I know for a fact in Optimus, it's true. They care about you, not just passing your exams or passing the program, but your career, your health as a person, your life.                                                                       Ngozi Weller - Mental Health and Well Being Coach  
So I came to the training looking to just get some letters, some initials after my name to give me credibility and what I've actually found is a much deeper level of understanding of what real coaching is about. I was mentoring before, but now actually coaching now I understand it and use it. It fits my skill set so much. better.           Mike Cole - Professional Coach ( Career, Mindset, Motivation) 

Learning Outcomes

To develop confident and highly competent professional coaches who stand out in the industry

To ensure coaches are working ethically and are working within ICF and AC boundaries

To develop coaches who are passionate and professional and build purpose-driven businesses

To help our coaches secure clients and build / grow their coaching practices

Looking for more information?

You can find a further breakdown and overview of our Professional Coach Diploma by downloading our interactive digital brochure.

Check out the pages below more information such as our FAQ's, find out more about the team, and see how we compare to other coach training providers:

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Next Steps:

Our next cohorts start in February 2023 with an October 2023 completion date. Please see the different options below:


Monday 10am - 2pm, starting on the w/c 6th February, ends w/c 9th October

No sessions w/c 2nd, 9th April, w/c 29th May, August

The next cohort after February 2023, starts in May 2023 with a January 2024 completion date. Please see the different options below:


Tuesday 6pm-10pm starting w/c 8th May ends w/c 21st Jan 2024
No sessions w/c 29th May, August 2023, w/c 23rd October, w/c 18th, 25th December, 1st January

This includes:

  • 10 hours of coach mentoring with an experienced mentor, worth £750 (which means that when you want to get accredited with the ICF, it is a direct route to ACC or PCC status).

  • Access to ‘Accelerate your Success’ online program worth £497.

  • Monthly group business coaching and mentoring worth £2000.

  • Feedback on 4 recorded sessions + 6 coaching sessions within the training worth £1000.

  • Additional bonus modules and resources worth £2500 including coaching tools and masterclasses.

  • 4 core course texts sent to your door worth £50 

Secure Your Spot Now!


Pay in full at £5500 + VAT or 12 x £500 + VAT

More Testimonials From Graduates Who Were Either New To Coaching Or Were Existing Coaches

Testimonial Headshots - OCA WEBSITE

Francesca Aaen, Business and Performance Coach (existing coach)

"When I started the program I had been working as a coach formally for more than a year and in over 20+ years as a pharmacist. During all of that time I had been using coaching and training and I really wanted to use it properly and be top of my game with it. I was lacking knowledge and confidence to go deeper with people.

The course has given me a deeper understanding of what coaching is and how I can get the best results for my clients. It has shown me this whole world that I want to explore and do even more in. The biggest thing is the confidence that I now have in terms of being able to deliver for my clients.
It is amazing how my business has developed and changed over the last six months with the help of the course and working through the challenges, thoughts and ideas with such a range of coaches has been hugely beneficial. I have really shifted to a corporate client base and it is a really interesting shift for me.
I think if you want to be a coach, work as a coach, be successful as a coach, be confident as a coach, then this is the course for you. It's unlike any training that I've ever done before, it's just great. I never worry about coaching someone now. I feel like I always know where to go. I can respond and I don't go in thinking what I am going to ask them. I can be completely curious and open to what they want to do in the session and it works: it is so much better for them and I just love it. I'm so happy to take the full joy out of it."
Testimonial Headshots - OCA WEBSITE-2

Nonie Leonard, Vision Board Life Coach and founder of the Highly Favoured Woman Community (New to coaching) 

What made you sign up?

“I got into coaching last year and I knew that I wanted to get a qualification.

I did look at other programs, but when I had the consultation with you I realized everything I was looking for is all blended in your course and I thought it was the right thing for me to do.

On the course, I literally come out of every session thinking “wow lightbulb moment”. It's been so great because I've discovered a lot about myself. I am not only learning tools about how to help other people. I'm learning tools to help myself. When I need some self-coaching I can definitely do that and every week I learned something new for me to add.

It is helping me a lot from my previous business when I was coaching with no tools. Now I have more tools in my bag than I could ever ask for.”

What would you say to someone considering signing up?

“If you're looking for something that's not going to just only help your clients, but help you as well, I would definitely sign up for it. It's helped me in more ways than one, in terms of all the different tools that we're learning different methods that we’re learning.

I'm self-coaching myself every day and I'm finding that I'm actually becoming a better person by using the tools from the course that I'm learning.

I love the Community. If you want just more than a course, more than a community, then definitely sign up.”



We are very aware that the narrative for many coaching organisations is everyone can achieve, we believe this alongside being aware that some people experience significant structural issues which means it is hard to succeed.

We, therefore, offer additional resources and training around equality and diversity and partner with third sector organisations to provide pro bono opportunities if you are interested as well as offering scholarship and partially funded places please contact ruth.kudzi@optimuscoachacademy.com directly to discuss these.

As an organisation we donate 10% of business profits to charity, these charities includes Young Minds, Trussel Trust and Crisis