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Coaching Supervision 


Accredited Coaching Supervision Diploma (ADCST)

AC Accredited Diploma in Coaching Supervision Training (ADCST)
(Association for Coaching)
EMCC accreditation pending


What is Coaching Supervision?

Coaching supervision is becoming a skill that is more recognised and acknowledged within the coaching world.  It is a protected space for coaches to explore and consider their work in a non-judgmental, reflective environment. Qualified coaching supervisors are trained in bringing a variety of lenses and perspectives to each coach’s situation and stimulating thought provoking conversations, considerations and discussions. The aim of supervision is for the coach to feel supported, resourced and recharged, with new ways of thinking about their work. Coaching supervision differs from mentoring in that it offers opportunities to explore a coach’s work through a variety of different approaches. When mentoring the focus of the work is always through coaching
competencies. From an ICF perspective, any coach accredited at PCC level or above can provide mentoring, whereas only supervisors who have undertaken an accredited coaching supervision qualification can offer
qualified coaching supervision. Coaching supervision can be either individual or in group sessions,
depending on the need of the coach. Whilst coaching supervision is currently not mandatory for coaches, it is
considered best practice.  As the coaching world continues to progress and advance, coaching supervision will become more of a prerequisite for coaches who are invested in their work and development.

Why train as a coaching supervisor?

Training as a coaching supervisor adds to your portfolio and enables you to bring all the skills you have learnt and developed as a coach to support other coaches as they grow. Being able to offer coaching supervision
alongside a coaching practice demonstrates that you take the coaching profession seriously and that you are committed to both your development and that of your clients.  Coaches are often described as being lifelong learners and when you train as a coaching supervisor not only do you learn how to support your
supervision clients, but your coaching skills are enhanced by the new knowledge and practical experience that you are acquiring along the way.

Why chose the Optimus Coaching Supervision Diploma?

Our coaching supervision diploma programme runs in the same way that
we run our coach training diploma programmes.  Our focus is on you getting the support that you need to refine and develop your coaching supervision skills.  

This includes
Peer supervision partners to practice with throughout the course

Practice within the training groups with competency related feedback during each training session

Three individual development sessions for you to reflect with one of the trainers as to how your supervision work is progressing

Three group reflection sessions where you have the opportunity to discuss your work and learning with other students on the course

Workbooks for each module with suggested related reading and reflective questions

Live practical assessment at the end of the course 

The opportunity to set up your first supervision groups and work with our trainee or alumni coaches enabling you to build your experience. 

There is a focus on you building strong supervision skills so that you are equipped to work with both individuals and groups.

We look at coaching supervision through a variety of lenses.  

The supervision models we look at include:

Developmental Models of Supervision

The Seven Eyed Model of Supervision
Seven Conversations
Frames of Reference
The Supervision Triangle
Relational Model

As well as a wide variety of supervision models we also investigate:

Psychodynamics in Supervision – with particular reference to Defence

Mechanisms, Transference and Countertransference

Transactional Analysis and Supervision

Nancy Klein’s Thinking Environment and Supervision

Positive Psychology and Positive Supervision 

Solution Focused Supervision

Neuroscience and Supervision

We will spend time at the end of the course looking at the different

accrediting bodies and what further steps you will need to take to become
an accredited supervisor.

We have divided the diploma into three sections.  These come together to
form a complete coaching supervision training.

Our next course is starting in January  2025. Sessions are 9.30 am to 1.30pm UK time on Thursdays 


ou need to be coaching regularly so you can bring examples to your practical supervision sessions.

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Testimonial Phyllis Woodfine

My experience of Optimus Academy has always been a positive one.  After completing my coaching Diploma with them in 2021 I knew that I intended to at some point complete a supervision diploma.  I have been informally carrying out supervision (for therapists) for the last 15 years or so but wanted a tangible and accredited qualification.   The teaching was excellent - nothing less that I expected from Optimus.  Julia is extremely experienced as well as well qualified and a really supportive and thought provoking lecturer.  
The sessions were interactive and fun and incredibly informative and interesting.  The background reading to support the work was highlighted and as with much of Optimus' teachings you were not left wondering or floundering and worrying about what you had to do next as you were supported through the process. Assessments were fair and timely and the cohort were wonderful - an added bonus.
Thank you Optimus for a really enjoyable course and now a shiny new diploma which had furnished me with the tools to add this additional stream to my coaching business.  I am now able to help my fellow coaches move forward in their business and as a bi product my coaching has also improved - result!

Phyllis Woodfine

Registered Osteopath, BSc (Hons) Ost, PGCert ACE,

MSc Sports Injury Management, Master NLP Practitioner

Certified Hypnotherapy Practitioner 

ICF (ACC) Certified Coach



Testimonial- Nicola Rae-Wickham

Training to be a Coach Supervisor had been on my wish-list for a while and so I extensively researched the different courses and routes available, however, they weren’t quite ticking the boxes for me. When Optimus released their Supervision course I signed-up immediately. Given the wonderful experience I’ve had as both a student and trainer with Optimus coupled with the curriculum content and the delivery format, it was meeting all of my requirements.

I’m so glad I did the course, I’ve been able to diversify my income by adding Supervision to my offerings, I’ve successfully created a growing Supervision practice made of both private clients and associate work and its also had a hugely positive impact on my coaching practice as it has made me a better coach.

My colleagues on the course were some of the most supportive, intelligent and open-hearted coaches and this sense of community enhanced the already excellent training. Julia was a great teacher who designed the course content and delivered it with great care and openness which leant itself to a holistic learning experience.

Deciding to embark on the course was up there as one of the best professional, personal and business development decisions I have made

Nicola Rae-Wickham
ICF Accredited Coach, Creative Strategist & Coach Trainer

Testimonial - Rebecca Daniel


Embarking on my supervision diploma with Optimus was a no-brainer. After an extremely positive and transformative experience re-training as a coach with them to achieve my ICF accreditation, I knew the supervision training would meet or exceed my expectations, and it did. 

I had previously been supervised by Julia, the trainer, as well as trained by her on my coach diploma so I was confident that I would benefit from her knowledge, approach and expertise in this area. The course was structured well with a combination of teaching and practice alongside 1:1 sessions and group supervision of supervision.

Quite early on into the training I had already begun to notice the shift in my coaching approach and the impact this was having on my personal and professional development as a coach. Upon completion of the programme, this shift has continued and evolved. My coaching clients are benefiting from newly learnt skills and I absolutely LOVE supervising other coaches supporting them to increase their awareness, look after their wellbeing and continue to develop their coaching  skills. Supervision was the missing piece.

What made my experience training to be a supervisor an unforgettable one was my peers. The cohort was a nice size which meant we could build relationships and connections with each other on a deeper level. These connections made the experience more enjoyable and I finished the course with not only a qualification, with a clear path to accreditation, but I walked away with something even more valuable - a network of trusted and respected supervisors and friends!

Thank you Optimus!

Rebecca Daniel

Co-Founder of The Coaching Catalysts

ICF/EMCC Accredited Coach, Coach Trainer  & Coach Supervisor

Secure Your Spot Now!


                                                                                   With our flexible payment options

Pay in full at £4500 + VAT or 6 x £800 + VAT or 12 x 450 + VAT 

Outside the UK? Please email hello@optimuscoachacademy.com to sign up

Supervision Group

Coaching Supervision is integral to the development of a coach’s skillset. It gives us a safe space for reflection and exploration into our work, offering the opportunity to find new perspectives and ways to approach our coaching. Coaching can be a lonely business, especially for the solo business owner coach. Supervision stretches us as coaches, and also provides support.   Your supervisor will not tell you what to do. They will enable you to find different ways of looking at your work in a non-judgmental environment.

“Coaching Supervision is a health check for the coach”.

Whilst coaching supervision is currently not mandatory it is considered best practice. It is a way for us as coaches to highlight to our clients and potential clients that we take coaching seriously. It is also an opportunity for coaches to reflect on our personal development as a coach, what steps we might need to take next and where any gaps could be.

The difference between coaching supervision and mentoring is that mentoring focuses only on the ICF or EMCC competencies, whereas coaching supervision opens up an exploration of coaching through a variety of different lenses.

Topics that are frequently brought to supervision include:


  • I feel like something went wrong in the session but I’m not sure what?
  • How can I tell if the coachee is getting what they need from the work?
  • My client is wanting me to tell them what to do and I’m not sure how to respond.
  • I feel like I have a training gap and I’m not sure how to best address this.
  • I’d like to use a particular model, but I don’t know if it is the correct option.

Supervision can be either in a group setting or on an individual basis. The optimal choice is the one that fits you and your circumstances, which can change as your coaching practice and career develop.

Optimus offers several group supervision options. All the supervisors that run the groups are qualified supervisors and have been through rigorous training programmes and assessment procedures to ensure that they are providing the best supervision experience possible. Attendance at these groups would count as being in qualified supervision (essential for some corporate roles and directories).

We run groups every 4 weeks with a variety of times available to suit your needs. Our next group supervision sessions will be opening again in September. If you would like to know more you can:


Book a call to learn more here

Request further information here

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