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Life after coach training with Nonie Leonard

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Here’s another episode from our ‘Life After Coach Training’ series. In these special episodes,  we follow-up with our coaching graduates to see what they’re up to now!

Today, Ruth talks to Nonie Leonard about her coaching experience, starting from life before training to graduating and running her own business. Nonie graduated in May 2021 and has gone on to start The Highly Favoured Woman – a community designed to help women envision and achieve success.  

Nonie explores why she chose Optimus above other training programmes, how her coaching has transformed, and why she’s a big advocate of vision boards. Seriously, there’s science to support their benefits… 

Listen to the episode! 


Want to see more from Nonie? 

Head to https://highlyfavouredwoman.com 


Nonie loves our course because we give our coaches a range of evidence-based approaches and techniques to use throughout their career. With our detailed and diverse curriculum, you won’t run out of ways to help your clients!

Our Professional Coaching Diploma makes you a highly capable and credible coach. Check out our ICF-accredited course here

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