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Life after coach training with Mike Cole

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You’ve heard what our coach training involves. Now, we’d like to give you an insight into what life could look like after training. 

What have our students gone on to do with their qualifications? How have their businesses evolved? 

Find out how graduate Mike Cole is doing after 2 years of running his coaching business. 

Mike now coaches owners of small businesses to reach their version of success. And when he isn’t working for himself as a top coach, he works as an associate coach – bringing the two worlds of coaching together and benefiting from them both! 

During the episode, Mike discusses one of his favourite coaching models, and reveals how coaches can tailor their approach for introverts with an unusual but brilliant tool. Curious? Give the episode a listen.


Want to see more from Mike? Head to https://thismikecole.com


Mike decided to jump into business coaching after graduating from Optimus.

But remember, this is just one area of coaching. You can become a life coach, a relationship coach, an executive coach, a health coach… There are too many areas to name! 

Want to see how far you could go with coaching? And what kind of approaches might resonate with you?

Come along to our Coaching Experience Week. It starts on the 4th of July. Immerse yourself in the world of coaching and discover if you’re meant to be in it. Sign up for Coaching Experience Week here