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Coaching Others to Be Sustainably Visible with Laura Taylor

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What gets students signing up for our coach training programme? For Laura Taylor, it was to help her clients become sustainably visible. 

Laura works with female entrepreneurs, helping them get camera confident so they can boost their visibility online. Discover how Laura helps women get connected with themselves and how she uses coaching to deepen that connection and develop their confidence. 

[1:50] Laura’s background helping service-based entrepreneurs
[3:35] Unrealistic expectations that send people back into hiding 

[5:35] Using personal preferences and interests within marketing

[8:02] Remaining coaching curious within confidence coaching 

[9:42] An example of a client who struggled to connect with others 

[12:41] Getting clients figuring out who they are and what their strengths are

[14:12] Finding people that you align and gel with to work with 

[16:55] Where will she take her coaching next? 

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At Optimus Coach Academy, we support aspiring coaches to become highly-skilled and respected professionals that facilitate deep and transformational changes. 

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