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Different shades of leadership coaching with Lucie Lachnitova

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In today’s episode, Ruth talks to Lucie Lachnitova about her experience training with Optimus, where she expected to be after the training, and where she is now… 

Lucie comes from an education background and possesses a tonne of experience working within senior leadership.  She signed onto our diploma to enhance her existing coaching skills and had NO intention of leaving her role.

However, like many do, once she discovered how great coaching can be, she changed her mind! 

Now, Lucie spends 50% of her time as an associate coach. She works closely with senior leaders in school  and she does 1:1 coaching. That’s not all either… Lucie runs her own leadership workshops!  

Find out more about the amazing career Lucie’s unlocked, and all the way she works as a leadership coach. 

Question for you: how does a coach get involved with artificial intelligence? Listen to the episode to find out. 


To see more from Lucie Lachnitova, head to: https://www.arcticfoxcoaching.com/about


What kind of coach could you be? 

Undergoing coach training is a truly life-changing experience. Not only do you get the tools to create a lucrative career that brings about meaningful change, you become a grander and more insightful version of yourself with the power to positively affect all aspects of your life. 

To find out more about our ICF-accredited course, click here. We’re enrolling for September now!

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