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How can a coaching qualification help you with your business? With Isabelle Fielding

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How can a coaching qualification help you with your business? 

Today I spoke to Isabelle Fielding who graduated from our diploma just over a year ago.. In that time she has transformed her business from clinical research to predominantly coaching and training where she works with a variety of different clients.

Isabelle talks about how coaching has made a difference in her training delivery and design and with her new skills she is in demand to create engaging courses with a wide variety of clients.

Plus, we share the reality of running your business and that despite many successes both of us have had our fair share of flops, of things that didn’t work out and no’s : this is a key message to share as we know that those no’s are there for all of us and we all need to pick ourselves up and dust ourselves down to continue to pursue the yeses.

If you are considering combining coaching with your existing skills this is well worth a lesson AND we recommend you come and check out our programs below so you could create a new business like Isabelle.  

Our Coach Diplomas makes you a highly capable and credible coach. Check out our ICF-accredited course here and if join one of our coach diplomas before the end of July you'll receive our July bonus!

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