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What makes a real difference to you as a client? With Nicole Louise Winer

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What makes a real difference to you as a client?

In a world of courses promising the world so many people are feeling disillusioned.. And the fact is that although the content is great it may not be great for you!

I speak to our current diploma student Nicole Louise Winer who is an experienced business mentor and coach who shares how personalisation and coaching support can help get you unstuck and accelerate your success. 

We discuss how coaching can be a great supplement to more structured programs to help you adapt to what works for you. 

If you are looking for the opposite of cookie-cutter take a listen to this episode, it is something both me and Nicole are passionate about in our programs.

And, if adding in coaching to what you already do sounds good have a look at our programs below. 

Our Coach Diplomas makes you a highly capable and credible coach. Check out our ICF-accredited course here and if join one of our coach diplomas before the end of July you'll receive our July bonus!

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