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How to really listen to others with Dr. Lulu Little

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In today’s episode, Ruth chats with Lulu Little – a doctor working in emergency medicine and a soon-to-graduate coach!  Lulu explains how learning to be curious and present as a coach has changed the way she works with patients. 

Tune in as Lulu tells us what listening really is, and what actually matters in a conversation with someone requiring help. 

Are you really listening? Or are you missing the true meaning behind people’s words? 

Happy listening.

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If you’re in a helping profession like Lulu, you could deepen your conversations and strengthen your impact by becoming a coach. Or, you could dedicate yourself to professional coaching completely. Either way, coaching hands you the tools to change people’s lives for the better. 

Why train with us? 

Our Professional Coaching Diploma course offers much more than standard coaching courses. As well as a direct route to ICF-accreditation, you’ll learn evidence-based approaches rooted in science, develop your business skills and benefit from nonstop support– both during and after your course. 

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