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8 Benefits Of Our New ICF Accredited, Associate Coach Diploma


We now have the Associate Coach Diploma, which is fully ICF accredited : so what are the reasons you would choose to study this particular diploma over our Professional Coach Diploma.  Here are 8 reasons...


  1. Price 

Not only is our ICF Accredited Associate Coach Diploma ( Level 1 ) very competitively priced ( when you compare  other providers offering the same level of  ICF certification) it is also about 50% of the price of the Professional Diploma   ( Level 2 )we offer - and so if you are not 100% sure yet if you need the full Professional Level qualification, this is a great place to start your coach training journey.  The price of our certified Associate Coach Diploma is a comparable price to

A) many coaching qualifications which are unaccredited or 

B) qualifications accredited by bodies which are not as reputable as the ICF (International Coaching Federation - being the gold standard)

.... and good value
PLUS you get all of the business support and alumni support we have in our Level 2 Professional Coach diploma and the same highly qualified trainers delivering evidence based training.


2. Time


The Associate Coach diploma lasts only 4 months which means you can be up and running more quickly and you can be ICF  accredited within this time frame if you ensure you get your coaching hours in.  The next cohort for the Associate Coach Diploma starts w/c 13th March with the course completing w/c 10th July 2023.  Whilst our next Professional Coach Diploma starts in May 2023 and finishes  January 2024. 


3. Curriculum 


We don’t scrimp on learning: you will have the same evidence based curriculum which enables you to develop your own unique coaching style with modules including Positive Psychology, Neuroscience and DISC personality profiling. 


4. Progression 


If you like our Associate Level 1 diploma and want to continue your development you can always upgrade to the Professional diploma afterwards, at the same price as the Professional diploma currently is, simply by paying the difference. Most coach academies don’t provide this as rarely do they have qualifications at both levels. 


5. Mentoring 


You get 10 hours of mentoring both in a small group and individually with an experienced and professionally qualified coach who can support you to develop your coaching expertise and skills. 


6. Feedback

You get 10 points of feedback on the course both in sessions and with recorded sessions meaning that you will be confident in your abilities as a coach. 


7. Ongoing alumni support 


You get access to our ongoing alumni community as soon as you graduate which gives you monthly connection calls on different themes, updates to training, a private community and an annual event. 


8. Business support 


You have access to monthly business mentoring and marketing Q&A each month as well as 2 online business events a year.

2 Useful Links

To see a direct comparison of the ICF Accredited Associate Coach Diploma with the ICF Accredited Professional Coach Diploma click HERE to see the comparison table 

To read more about the Associate Diploma and the modules taught and the evidence based approaches you will learn, click HERE

To book a call with Ruth Kudzi, Master Certified Coach and Course Director so you can discuss your options, click HERE . Places are now limited for the Associate Coach Diploma starting w/c 13th March.