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Neurodiversity in coaching with Gwendolyn Jones

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In this podcast we talk to Gwendolyn Jones about Neurodiversity in coaching - both working with Neurodiverse clients and how to create your own way of doing things if you are Neurodiverse.

A current Optimus student Gwen has a wealth of knowledge on Neurodiversity 
As Gwen says "You can't put a star brick into a square hole" she shares about how being multi passionate works for her and allows her to pursue her different areas of interest
She shares some practical things you can do both as someone who is Neurodiverse and wanting to come out of a freeze state and for coaches to support their clients right from the start.
This is an essential listen if you are a coach or wanting to become one. 
If you are interested in exploring Neurodiversity in coaching come and check out our qualifications at Optimus by clicking here