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How parent coaching is on the rise and how transformational it can be with Penny Philips

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If you are a parent this is a must listen. I am joined by Penny Phllips, a graduate of the Optimus Coach Academy program and the founder of a new charity Parent Village where I am a trustee. 

We are delving into how parent coaching is on the rise and how transformational it can be for both parents and their children.

Let’s be honest there is no manual for being a parent and despite the Instagram facade some people have most of us admit it can be pretty hard and sometimes we suck at it! This is where coaching can come in for all parents and especially those parents who are isolated as it can help parents to get clarity on what is going on and move forward in a purposeful, intentional way. 

The work that Penny does with parents enables them to turn around their relationships with their children and also to have the confidence that they are doing okay - something we all need sometimes!

I would love everyone to have the support of parent coaching (maybe a vision for the future)

If you are interested in potentially using coaching to start a charity come and check out our qualifications at Optimus by clicking here

To connect with Penny you can via the following platforms:  

Email - pen.marshall@gmail.com

LinkedIn - Penny Phillips FRSA

Website - Www.theparentvillage.org.uk