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Coaching as a Leadership Skill with Ruth Kudzi

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How can we strengthen our role as leaders? Through coaching our team members, of course. 

Coaching is a coveted leadership skill. And it’s not hard to see why. Through coaching, leaders are able to support their teams and enhance their overall performance and engagement.

Some companies use coaching models like GROW, but there’s so much more to a coaching approach than a single model. Press play and listen to how neuroscience and other elements of coaching can play a part in developing a super team!

Through coaching as a leader, you can create space for your team and leave people feeling both valued and empowered. That means they’ll be in a position to make better decisions!

To find out more about why coaching is a key leadership skill, listen to the podcast now.

Coaches can bring about real change in people’s working and personal lives. Our students go on to make a difference with science-backed techniques and extensive training that leaves no gaps.

If you want to become an ICF-accredited coach, it’s not too late. Book a call with Course Director & CEO Ruth Kudzi here


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