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Becoming an Energy Leader with Ian Browne

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Leaders spend too much time exhausted and overwhelmed, wishing they had more time to accomplish every task on their todo list. While we cannot create more time, we can create more energy. In today’s episode, Ian Browne explains what an energy leader is and how leaders can become stronger and more effective by tapping into the four dimensions of energy.

With a master’s degree in coaching and mentoring under his belt, Ian decided to take his training further with us at Optimus. Find out why he made this decision despite undergoing intensive study of coaching, and why he’s glad he did!

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Theory is useful when it comes to coaching. However, if like Ian, you want to take a practical approach and discover the impressive power of pure coaching (and deliver it yourself), we’re the right training provider for you.

Our coach training programme combines science-based coaching theory with practical application, giving you the confidence to enable and support lasting change in your clients.

Become an effective results-backed coach in 2022! We’re enrolling for February right now. Sign up here.

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