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Do you want your Start Up Business to Succeed? Get a Coach

It is very easy to assume that business coaches are there for the successful or accomplished and don't have a role in the start up business. However, if you work with someone from the outset you are more likely to be a success. Most new businesses fail and rather than becoming a statistic business coaching can enable you to be a success and to really focus on what is going to make a difference for your business. 

As a mum with professional experience you might be a bit dubious about how coaching can work for you. You have the skills that mean that you are pretty sure that you can be a success working on your own so what do you have to worry about? Business coaching doesn't come cheap and it is another cost that you need to factor in when looking at your financial forecasts but it is probably the most valuable investment that you can make.

I work with lots of women who are starting up their business and know even more. It is easy to spot those who are going to make it work – they are determined, they are committed and they will do whatever it takes. They understand that if they invest in their own self development they are setting the foundations for success. None of the mums I really admire who have their own businesses did it on their own, they had help and they weren't afraid to ask for it.

Many mums who I meet are thinking of starting their own business but are not sure if they have what it takes to be a success. They may fear failure or might not believe that they are good enough. It takes confidence to go out there and start building a business and a name for yourself and this is often lacking in mums. Coaching can help you develop a positive mindset and create clarity around how you are feeling about the business identifying any blockers that might exist for you.

Often clients come to me and they just want to know where to start. The internet is awash with information about starting up your own business and it can be overwhelming. You might feel that you don't know where to begin and you haven't the time (or energy) to do everything. This is where your coach can help you to prioritise what is important for you and create a clear action plan to move you forward. I know what you need to do to set up a business and can guide you through the process (I have created a free checklist to help you as well). 

The biggest fear that clients bring to me is that they won't be able to generate the clients that they need to bring in their revenue. Through coaching you can identify who your ideal client is and start interacting with them to build up a client base who are interested and engaged with you. We can work through what is stopping you from reaching your revenue targets and how come to creative solutions to ensure that you start meeting them.

Most mums want to set up on their own as they want their work / life balance to be better and to spend time with their children. However, setting up a business can be all consuming and often mums come to me to understand how they can use their time more effectively whilst creating the lifestyle that they want to achieve. It is very possible to have flexibility when you work for yourself however you need to plan how it will look for you. 

Your business coach is the person that you can really air your biggest fears to, they are non judgemental and the process is completely confidential. As a coach you have an invested interest in your clients and want them to succeed. You are committed to helping them achieve their goals and you hold them accountable for what they are doing.

How do I know all this is true? I might be a business coach but I also receive coaching from 2 coaches. The coaching I have helped me to set up my business, find my niche and attract the right clients. I have smashed all my goals that I set myself and I have someone to support me when things don't work out. I know that if I didn't have coaching from the outset I wouldn't be as clear about who I am and what I do. I know that without coaching I wouldn't be setting myself ambitious goals and hitting them. 

It is cheesy but I owe my success to coaching, I know that I have the solutions inside of me but it is hard to always find them. I know that without an accountability partner I wouldn't get things done and I know without someone reminding me of the importance of working on myself I might let some of my mindset work slip. My business coach has helped me to recognise my trigger points and do something about them, she has enabled me to think big and chase the dreams I want. 

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