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Is the freedom lifestyle a con?

We are bombarded with images of beautiful, lithe young women (and men) reclining on their yachts enjoying the laptop lifestyle as the money pours in champagne in hand.

They had no business knowledge but were able to make 9 figures in 9 seconds.

As a naturally cynical brit I scroll past, surely these must be “too good to be true” and I am sure most of them are BUT one of the things that I have thought is “work is meant to be hard”. Successful people work long hours, they are “busy”, they have meetings and are important.

Successful people can't build a business where they work less than they used to BUT still get results, can they? surely they can't..

I used to think this too. I am in no way saying that success is easy, it isn't. However, you can have it all. A lifestyle where you work the days (and hours) you desire, have time to go to the gym / exercise, see your kids and go out.

A lifestyle where you can go travelling and still work?

A lifestyle where you can create passive income products that give you an income when you sleep?

Yes, I know I thought it was a con as well. I struggled for a long time to value my time, my skills and my experience and thought that “face time” working was the most important thing.
Let's be honest here, when I worked in recruitment I took up smoking to have breaks and on Friday afternoons after a pub lunch (usually of the liquid variety) I usually did nothing of any substance. PLUS I used to email my friends, all day.

Even as a Deputy Head Teacher I could have spent an afternoon chatting.

I might have been there but I was not being productive.

This has changed, when I am with my clients they get all of my attention. When I am creating a blog or content I switch off all distractions. And I get more done. I have become laser focused on the impact I want to have.

I have used automation in my business – sign up to my membership site and everything is done automatically until my VA approves you to join the group. By building this into my business it allows me to focus on what I love doing – coaching people, teaching people and creating courses and resources for them.

Although I am yet to take my laptop to the beach (it would get pretty sandy) the idea of having a business you can check into on your phone or laptop appeals. It means you can have an impromptu holiday or break and take your work with you.

What does the freedom lifestyle mean to you?