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The Introverted Coach: On Learning to Embrace Introversion

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Are you an introvert? 

Being an introvert in a world that seems to favour extroverts can be tough. However, that doesn’t make introversion a weakness! 

In today’s episode, Fiona Heald talks about how she’s managed to handle her life and career so far with an introverted personality, how her introversion has changed over the years and how she learned to not only accept herself, but embrace her introversion. 

Tune in and listen as Fiona tells Ruth when she first fell in love with coaching and what it’s been like to train with Optimus. 

Apparently, we delivered even more than what she expected. How did we exceed her expectations? And what are Fiona’s plans for the future? 

Happy listening. 

Get in touch with Fiona at these links: 

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/fiona-heald-41a210186/

Email: F_Heald@yahoo.co.uk

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