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How Studying Coaching Changed My Life with Nonie White

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Why is our student, Nonie White, evangelical about coaching? Can coaching and being coached make that big of an impact on your life? As Nonie will tell you, it 100% can. 

Listen as Nonie discusses how active listening and other coaching techniques have changed the way she operates in her life and business. She’ll be talking you through how interactions between her and her family have changed for the better and why it’s been beneficial to train with Optimus. 

Show Notes: 

[01:30]   More about Nonie and her business: AMotherBrand 
[03:56]  On discovering what coaching is and finding the power of active listening 

[05:36]  How active listening has changed how she interacts with her family 

[08:21]   More on applying coaching to parenting 

[09:21]   How coaching has impacted her business

[11:14]    Why Nonie is evangelical about coaching 

[15:00]  How being surrounded by like-minded people is a huge benefit 

[16:10]   What’s next for Nonie? 

See more from Nonie at www.amotherbrand.com 

Undergoing coach training is a truly life-changing experience. Not only do you get the tools to create a lucrative career that brings about meaningful change, you become a grander and more insightful version of yourself with the power to positively affect all aspects of your life. 

The enrollment period for our Professional Coaching Diploma course is coming to an end soon. To become an ICF-accredited coach supported by robust and first-class training, click here to sign up. 

We start in February!

Want to chat about the programme first? I’ll help you determine if we’re the best provider to help you fulfill your coaching ambitions.

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