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Embracing The Coaching Journey: My Personal Story

Embracing the Coaching Journey: My Personal Story

As a seasoned coach and a fan of the powerful impact of coaching, I couldn't be more thrilled to delve into my own coaching journey on my podcast The Coaching Hub. Join me as I take a walk down memory lane, reflecting on the twists and turns that have shaped my passion for coaching.

Discovery of the Coaching Approach

My first transformative encounter with coaching goes back to the late nineties when I was introduced to the concept as a valuable leadership style. Learning about the effectiveness of asking questions rather than dictating actions truly intrigued me. Despite my early misconceptions about coaching being just for the elite, I felt an inexplicable pull towards it. At that time, I was navigating my early twenties, grappling with complex PTSD and seeking solace in fleeting distractions, but the pull of coaching continued in the background.

The Spark Ignited

Fast forward to my late twenties, a chance encounter with two happy festival-goers celebrating their first deal as coaches left an indelible impression on me. This encounter fueled my interest, and coupled with my academic pursuit of a Masters in Psychology and Education made me even more convinced that coaching was the right path for me. 

Uncovering My Purpose

It was during this period that I ventured into a senior leadership role in education and started being coached. My coach inspired me to believe in myself and my capabilities, ultimately guiding me to embrace a newfound confidence at home and work. This transformative experience not only solidified my belief in the power of coaching but also encouraged me to train as a coach.

Unveiling the True Essence of Coaching

The journey towards building my coaching business and obtaining my first paying client in 2016 was a realisation of a long-held dream. As I navigated all the different types of coaching, I encountered a striking revelation — the lack of genuine coaching skills among many professionals purporting to be coaches. This gap highlighted the need for the focus to be on the individual being coached to have space and time to make important decisions for themselves, which is an aspect often overlooked in mentoring, advising, or consulting.

The Evolution Continues

My thirst for learning and growth led me to pursue an ICF course and a postgraduate certification, where I improved my own skills. As I reflect on my own journey toward becoming a master certified coach, I'm humbled by the learning and unlearning that has enriched my capabilities and bolstered my confidence in my role as a coach.

A Vision for the Future

Today, I am committed to teaching coaching skills to people who want to turn their passion into a profession. I firmly believe that coaching is a skill that can empower individuals from all walks of life. It has enhanced my ability to listen empathetically, ask incisive questions, and foster profound connections, ultimately improving my skills as a coach, trainer, and mentor.

Coaching has also given me the tools to empower individuals to unravel their own truths and make strides toward their own personal and professional fulfillment. As I continue to share my experiences on The Coaching Hub Podcast, https://link.chtbl.com/thecoachinghubpodcast I am passionate about sharing the many ways in which coaching can have positive transformations in both our lives and the lives of people we coach.


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