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Workshop Week

Do You Want To Learn More About Evidence-Based Coaching & How We Train People To Become Effective Coaches, Using Proven Techniques?

You are invited to FOUR Free WORKSHOPs TAKING PLACE on  20, 21, 22 and 23 March

(With all sessions on catch up, if you can’t make it live!)

 Here's What You Will Learn During Workshop Week...



Monday 20th March, 1pm - 1.45pm (GMT)

How Coaching Works: The Neuroscience of Behavioural Change 

You’ll leave with an understanding how to work with your brain, so you can make lasting changes to your life & the lives of others!

With Ruth Kudzi, Master Certified Coach & Optimus Founder



Tuesday 21st March, 8pm - 8.45pm (GMT)

The Drama Triangle: How It Impacts Relationships & Communication  

Deepen your understanding of how to communicate more effectively & build better relationships, in every area of your life!

With Julia Rogers, Master Certified Coach & Optimus Coach Training Director



Wednesday 22nd March, 12pm - 12.45pm (GMT)

How To Get Into A Coaching Mindset Using Somatic Practices

This powerful workshop will reveal how you can calm your mind and body, so you can make better decisions!

With Hannah O’Donnell, Professional Certified Coach & Optimus Coach Trainer and Mentor



Thursday 23rd March, 8pm - 8.45pm (GMT)

The Coaching Landscape: Opportunities For Professional Coaches + Working With Optimus  

You’ll discover the wealth of opportunities available to you, as a professional coach in 2023… going well beyond the obvious (with so much you may well have never thought about before!).

With Ruth Kudzi, Master Certified Coach & Optimus Founder


  • Short on time? Don’t worry – our workshops are designed to pack in maximum value, without going on for hours! With your chance to ask questions at the end . Typically they last 30 - 35 minutes
  • Want to keep it private? We’re passionate about community & there’ll be bonuses inside the private Facebook group. But you can also join the workshops live on Zoom (with your camera off) or catch up over on YouTube (we’ll email you the unlisted links!).
  • Can’t make it live? No problem… save your seat now & we’ll email you the recordings, so you can catch up whenever you’re ready!  

What is Evidence-Based Coaching?

Coaching is client driven and non-directive. It focuses on improving performance and developing an individual in whichever area of their life, business or career they want to focus on. 

By applying evidence-based coaching techniques, a coach can help drive lasting changes in their client's behaviour and embed new habits. This in turn allows the client to move forward in specific areas of their lives, in powerful new ways (and is a huge part of what makes working as a coach so rewarding!)

Who are these workshops for? 

Coaching Curious - 

If you think coaching could be the career for you, but you'd like more insights into coaching and how it works, you’ll leave Workshop Week feeling SO much clearer. Or if you're set on developing coaching skills to help you in your business or career & are searching for first-rate training to give you the expertise you need, this is 100% for you.


Become A Better Coach - 

Perhaps you have some coaching experience, but you want to deepen your knowledge. Workshop Week will help you become more effective and send your success levels soaring, with evidence-based strategies that produce powerful outcomes for your clients! 



Why Is Working With The Brain Important?

“Understanding how your clients think and the impact that perceived threats & rewards can have on decision making, problem solving and memory is essential for effective coaching. This is the cornerstone of behavioural change and underpins the relationships we have with our clients and the impact coaching can have on them long term. For me, these methods have transformed how I coach and the way we train our students at Optimus Coach Academy”

Ruth Kudzi, MCC Master Coach, CEO of Optimus Coach Academy 

Meet Your ICF qualified experts 

Ruth Kudzi Author Image

 Ruth Kudzi

        Master Certified Coach

        CEO & Founder

   Julia Rogers

Master Certified Coach

Coach Training Director

Hannah O'Donnell

Professional Certified Coach

Coach Trainer & Mentor

Join Ruth Kudzi, Master Certified Coach and Founder of Optimus Coaching Academy, Julia Rogers, Master Certified Coach and Coach Training Director and Hannah O'Donnell, Professional Certified Coach and Trainer for these 4 incredible LIVE workshops.

Over a week together, you’ll really start to understand how evidence-based coaching works, with the chance to experience the techniques we teach. You’ll also get to find out about the future of the coaching industry & current trends (and the huge opportunities for working as a professional coach)…

And Workshop Week is completely FREE!    4 x Free Live Workshops AND Recordings! 

Sign Up To Workshop Week Now : 20th -23rd March