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The Optimus Difference

You might be thinking: how are we different from other coach training providers? What sets us apart?  Here’s why we’re a step above the rest: 

  1. We’re one of the few training providers that provide a direct route to accreditation
    Most ICF-accredited providers won’t lead you straight to ICF-accreditation. Instead, they take you a part of the way there. This means after completing the course,  you’ll  need to source and pay for your own mentoring hours to meet ICF requirements. You’ll need to invest more of your money and your time, after already investing a significant amount in training. Unfortunately, training providers can omit this information from their websites, leading you to believe they do provide a direct route. If they don’t explicitly say they do, chances are – they don’t.  As a company, we commit to being transparent. With us, you get one clear package, including all the education, training and mentoring hours you need to become a fully-fledged ICF coach. We take you to the finish line. 
  2. We equip you with a diverse range of evidence-based approaches
    The approaches coaches use vary. Some coaches use one or two approaches, limiting how much they can help their clients to access transformative change. Others unknowingly opt for ineffective approaches. As a coach, you’ll need to discern which approaches work best for your clients. At Optimus, we only teach you proven approaches backed by legitimate science. Why? Because we want you to be effective and successful. We teach you Neuroscience, Positive Psychology, Somatics, DISC profiling and much more. We focus on both the theoretical underpinnings and the practical applications of each, allowing you to fully master each approach. 
  3. You get a built-in support network that stays with you after you’ve graduated 
    When you join Optimus, you join a thriving online community of students and coach trainers, giving you constant access to a support network. This community will advise you, share their experiences and challenge you. It’s there to facilitate your growth. Those completing our Professional Coaching Diploma join a small cohort to learn alongside. You’ll develop close relationships with your peers, build your coaching network and create life-long friendships.
  4. We develop your business skills and teach you how to secure clients
    Being a successful coach involves more than just stellar coaching skills (which we, of course, help you develop). Your success also depends on your ability to market yourself and run a sustainable business. At Optimus, we offer business mentoring to all of our students. Our goal is to demystify business processes and build your acumen, so you can start your own business with confidence and clarity. 
  5. We make a comprehensive coaching education accessible 
    We know you have other things happening in your life, so you might be looking for a flexible option. Our course offers flexibility without ever compromising on quality. You can get a comprehensive education without signing up for an intensive, full-time approach. This course can be done around your schedule, whenever suits you. You’ll even get access to playback videos if you can’t attend video sessions. Catching up is always a possibility. 
  6. We’re backed by an astounding number of positive testimonials 
    If you’re looking for proof of our high calibre, we have a growing bank of video testimonials, student interviews, case studies and written testimonials. Like other courses, we don’t hesitate to tell you we’re great, but unlike a number of other courses, you can hear about our high-quality training straight from our students. Our students are vocal about how happy they are with our training. We believe our high student satisfaction rates provide the ultimate evidence for our excellence as a training provider. 

If you’d like to find out more about coaching or have any burning coaching questions, get in touch with me. You can book a call with me here. Or drop me an email at ruth.kudzi@optimuscoachacademy.com

Enrollment for our Coach Training programme is closing this Sunday… 


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