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About Optimus

Optimus Coach Academy is one of the most established and well regarded coach training providers in the UK. Our Professional Coach Diploma (ACTP) is approved and regulated by the ICF and the AC and we are organisational members of both. 

Optimus has an outstanding proven track record in the delivery of training, mentoring, and coaching for students to become certified coaches through the Professional Coach Diploma and Associate Coach Diploma alongside corporate training and coaching solutions for corporate partners including: HR managers, senior managers, and c-suite leaders.

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Our vision is to support individuals and businesses in developing robust evidence based coaching skills which help to promote a culture of excellence throughout all organisations who partner with us. 

Our faculty of trainers and mentors all hold internationally recognised ICF qualifications and our commitment to professional development ensures we maintain our position as market leaders in excellence. 
Optimus founder, ICF MCC Ruth Kudzi, is one of the leading coaches in the UK, having worked with 1000s of clients worldwide. Ruth is an experienced keynote speaker, author, and is regularly featured in the press. Ruth is passionate about creating professional level coach training and supporting coaches to develop their skills. 
Optimus are committed to equality and diversity, we support third sector organisations and charities through pro bono coaching partnerships, offer scholarship places on our programs and donate to charitable organisations on a regular basis. 

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