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Associate Coaching Diploma 

Are you looking to start your coaching journey?

Are you looking to become a confident and competent coach with our entry level coaching qualification which is taught in accordance with the ICF ACC competencies and will give you the tools that you need to effectively coach others?

What You Will Learn


The programme will equip you with coaching skills that you need to work with organisations and individuals


You will gain insight into the processes involved in behavioural change and the dynamics of coaching relationships.


The programme is delivered as a workshop that lets you practice skills and techniques in a safe environment.

The start date for this course would be September 2022 and you would have the choice of ONE of the following time schedules: Monday (6-9pm), Tuesday (10-1pm), & Saturday (9-12pm)

Investment -  £3000 + VAT or  6 x £550 + VAT

Benefits For You:

  • Understand the dynamics of coaching relationships

  • Increase your range of coaching tools and techniques and know when and how to use them

  • Understand the psychological processes involved in behavioural change and how coaching can support

  • Build mastery and confidence in coaching by deepening your understanding of yourself and others

  • Experience coaching mentoring to develop your coaching style


What you get

  • Weekly 3 hour group sessions online over 4 months

  • 10 hours of mentoring; 7 group and 3 individual with an ICF ACC or PCC coach 

  • Access to a private Facebook community for support

  • Monthly business mentoring and marketing Q&A if you want to start or grow your own business

  • Ongoing Alumni support when you graduate 

What You'll Study

  • Module 1 - Introduction to Coaching and ethical practice
  • Module 2 - GROW model 
  • Module 3 - Understanding Your Client 
  • Module 4 - DISC and EQ  
  • Module 5 - Transactional Analysis for Coaches 
  • Module 6 - Positive Psychology 
  • Module 7 - Neuroscience 
  • Module 8 - Next steps

Information about our Associate Coach Diploma

The diploma is delivered via online classes which are recorded

What do our students say?

(Live discussion with Adnan Ali)
(Live discussion with Isabelle Fielding)
Testimonial Headshots - OCA WEBSITE-2

Nonie Leonard Vision Board Life Coach and founder of the Highly Favoured Woman Community (New to coaching) 

If you're looking for something that's not going to just only help your clients, but help you as well, I would definitely sign up for it. It's helped me in more ways than one, in terms of all the different tools that we're learning different methods that we’re learning.
I'm self-coaching myself every day and I'm finding that I'm actually becoming a better person by using the tools from the course that I'm learning.
 I love the Community. If you want just more than a course, more than a community, then definitely sign up.
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